I’m a product executive with a passion for building high performance and very effective teams. For over 20 years, I have been helping companies of any size transform the way they build their products by focusing on the customer first through research, quality control and data-driven decisions.

I’m well-versed in leadership, planning and development, and operations. I set my teams’ success on hard work, focus, persistence and dedication, and attention to details.

As Active Network’s Chief Product Officer (CPO), I oversaw the Company’s Product Management, User Experience Research and Design, SEO, Business Analysis, Front End Engineering and QA, Product Media Services and Innovation teams. ACTIVE Network™ is the leading provider of Activity and Participant Management™ solutions. Over 7 years, my job focused on transforming the way the company builds its products and delivers its services, by focusing on the customer first through research, quality control and data-driven decisions, and consolidating and rejuvenating old platforms into new ones. I achieved this by building an agile-based product management organization, and introducing fundamental practices around product roadmap, product marketing, competitive analysis, customer advisory boards, growth strategies, product launches and pricing, win/loss analysis, sale readiness, and introducing ways to report and track on all these activities. Through rigor and market focused decisions, the product teams led ACTIVE Network through two successful transactions: first, in 2013 we took the company private with a successful sale to Vista Equity Partners. Subsequently in late 2017, as the result of further operational synergies and transformations, we sold the company to Global Payments, Inc. (NYSE: GPN).

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