I’m a senior executive focusing on data, SaaS, e-commerce and digital media, with a passion for building high performance and very effective teams. For well over 20 years, I have been helping companies of any size transform the way they build their products by focusing on the customer first through research, quality control and data-driven decisions.

I’m well-versed in leadership, planning and development, and operations. I set my teams’ success on hard work, focus, persistence and dedication, and attention to details.

Recently, I served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Social Solutions Global, Inc, a Vista Equity Partners portfolio company.

Prior to joining Social Solutions, I served as the Chief Product Officer for ACTIVE Network, LLC. During my tenure, I helped transform ACTIVE Network's products and services, leading product management, UX, front-end engineering, research, and QA teams.
Through rigor and market focused decisions, the product teams led ACTIVE Network through two successful transactions: first, in 2013 we took the company private with a successful sale to Vista Equity Partners. Subsequently in late 2017, as the result of further operational synergies and transformations, we sold the company to Global Payments, Inc. (NYSE: GPN).

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